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What You Can Expect From the Home Inspection Process

Posted by chadmin on March 1, 2023

Despite 95% of purchased homes going through an inspection before closing, the inspection process is still a mystery for many people. If you’re selling your home, you may be wondering what will be going on inside the house while you’re not there. If you’re buying, you may not know which inspector to hire or what their report will include.


Want to know more about what the home inspection process involves? Here’s why home inspections are important, how they work, and what you can do with the inspection report.


What Is a Home Inspection?


A home inspection is a visual evaluation of a house’s mechanical systems and physical structure. The inspector will check the roof, floors, walls, doors, windows, and ceilings. They’ll confirm that the major appliances work as intended, examine the plumbing and electrical systems, take a look at the air conditioning system, and so on.


If you’re buying a home, it’s best to schedule an inspection after the seller accepts your offer but before you sign on the dotted line. That way, you’ll know that there are no uncovered issues with the house. A home inspection will likely set you back between $300 and $500.


What Happens During an Inspection


Most inspections take several hours to complete. During this time, the inspector will go on a detailed walk-through of the house while taking notes and pictures. While they’re doing that, they’ll provide their opinion of the home’s condition. They won’t comment on unseen issues such as hidden pests, mold, asbestos, and similar hazardous substances.


Though it’s not required to attend a home inspection, most buyers should make some time for it. Think of this as a way to get more acquainted with your new home. Plus, if you’re there, the inspector will get you involved in the process by commenting on any issues they notice.


Getting the Home Inspection Report


Once they complete the inspection, the inspector will document their findings in an extensive report ranging from 15 to 70 pages. The report will include general information about the house and notes on the condition of all major systems and components. Each documented issue comes with annotated pictures, a summary of the problem, and a functionality rating.


Keep in mind that an inspection report isn’t an exam that you can pass or fail. Once you get it, go over the inspector’s findings with your realtor. Depending on the issues uncovered, you may decide to enter further negotiations with the seller or even give up on the sale altogether.

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